Forget everything you know about FITNESS.

Forget everything you know about PILATES.

Forget the crash diets, the scale, and the restarts.

DIME is here to challenge you, and the idea that there are any limitations on what your body can do.


Our focus is reshaping your relationship with fitness, not your thighs.

We were tired of talking about our bodies in the language of "saddle bags" and "love handles," (what does that even mean, anyways?) and we know you are too.

So let's push ourselves to become unapologetically powerful and strong.


This is about celebrating our body's accomplishments, not obsessing on measurements.


This is about working with our bodies, not against them.

So let's commit to enjoying fitness. Let's fall in love with the process, and chase the feeling, not the result.

We're leading a new way of thinking. A new way of moving. And yeah, we're making it fun.

It's gonna be dope.

Trust us.

This here a LIFESTYLE.

Maybe even a movement.


a music driven practice

Allow the beat to move you. bump those beats and cancel out the noise.


shift your mindset.

Treat yourself to movement. Don’t force yourself into it.


every. body. always.

Dime is for every. body. always. Diversity and inclusion are ingrained throughout the company.


not just about stronger muscles

Strengthen your mind and body for life. Breathe. You’ve got this.